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$10,000 Challenge!!

2021-6-1 | Ronda Ooms

Intrigued? Read on to find out why we are asking for $10,000!

God is blessing our Outreach Ministry and using ECC in the lives of area families. In the May 11 e-letter, I wrote an article updating you about our housing ministry and invited you to join us at the May Congregational Meeting to dream with us about the future of our Outreach Ministry here at ECC!

Part of the meeting was spent introducing a proposal to the church. That proposal was that we buy two houses to further our community impact and start a Community Development Corporation (CDC).

Specific Details:

  • Habitat For Humanity is interested in selling us 2 houses for $90,000 each
  • National Covenant Properties will finance the mortgage
  • 20 year mortgage with 20% down
  • $40,000 coming from the Strategic Ministry Fund
  • We would like to start a Community Development Corporation (CDC)
  • Established over the next 18-24 months
  • Would take over mortgage payments
  • Increases our ability to get grant funds
  • We are working with others that have been through this process already

Click here if you would like to see more of the proposal that was brought before the council at their April meeting. 

At the congregational meeting, we spent a lot of time discussing and praying over the ideas put forth, and a lot of enthusiasm was shown! The congregation passed the following motions:

  • Motion #1 - I move to purchase the 2 Habitat homes for $200k with a 20-year loan from Covenant National Properties with $40k down and a challenge to the church to raise an additional $10k from the congregation. 
  • Motion #2 - I move that a Community Development Corporation will be formed that will take over the mortgage and management of the ministry.

Once these motions passed, we started the process of filling out the loan application, and we had an initial meeting with a lawyer to begin the process of the paperwork needed to start a CDC.

From Kim Han, Council Chair:

Your ECC Council has been very involved with the ECC housing ministry since its inception. As the ministry came to the end of the three-year pilot time, we were excited to see where God would lead this ministry next. We were asking questions like: What did we learn? Where are we going? God answered those questions so clearly when He led Ronda Ooms, Pastor Stacey, and Pastor Jorden to bring this wonderful proposal to us. After receiving it, we were happy to bring it to the congregation at the congregational meeting last week. It was inspiring to see the positive response it got from those attending. Part of that positive response was a request by the council that the congregation contribute to a fund for expenses the houses may bring. We have asked that the congregation give $10,000 toward this ministry. If you would like to help meet this need, please click here and select the “housing ministry” designation. You can also write a check to ECC with housing ministry designated in the memo portion. It was exciting to see pledges being made after the meeting and some donations have already been received! Please join your ECC family in the work God has for us in this ministry. This first ask is for a monetary commitment. There will be more asks in the future for your involvement in other ways. We are eager to continue this ministry together, advancing God’s Kingdom by providing an opportunity for stability for families in our community.


This is an exciting time in the life of the church! If you would like to be a part of this ministry we would love to share more with you. Right now, we are asking for donations towards our $10,000 goal. Additionally, we are building teams to help insure the success of this ministry. If you are interested in partnering in this ministry fill out the form below.

If you have questions, please contact me, one of the pastors, or a council member.