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10 Reasons to Attend Fall Kickoff (and Invite Others!)

2019-8-29 | Pastor Jorden

If you are unsure if you should invite your friends and neighbors to this year’s fall kickoff event here at ECC, I am going to help you out. Here are my top 10 reasons to invite your neighbor to this year’s Fall Kickoff at ECC.

10. Free Food! We all need to eat to live - this is a fact. Invite your friends to the free lunch. The menu this year includes walking tacos!

9. Zoo Animals! The Columbian Park Zoo ZooMobile will be here! A Zoo Educator will be at church along with animals. Everyone will be encouraged, but never required, to touch the animals whenever it is safe and appropriate.

8. 3rd Annual Corn Hole Tournament! Last year, Johnny and Jaden Park took home the first-place medal at our second Corn Hole Tournament. It is expected that they will seek to retain the title of ECC Corn Hole Champs this year too!

7. BINGO! It is an unwritten rule that church events should have BINGO. The nice thing about BINGO is that everyone can play! We will have excellent prizes too!

6. Kids Activities! Our Director of Children’s Ministry Kristin Devine Mueller has organized activities for kids from a giant inflatable obstacle course to fun games.

5. Giant Beach Ball Shenanigans! Our Youth Director Carol Smith and her team have some exciting games planned that involve a 6-foot tall beach ball – need I say more?

4. GAGA PIT! Along with the giant beach ball we have planned many recreational activities for all ages to enjoy!

3. Your friends and neighbors will likely come! When a genuine, personal invitation is given, most people respond positively. A recent Barna study showed that 96% of people said they would be more likely to attend church and church events if they were invited. Instead of an impersonal: “Hey, do you want to come to church Sunday?” … Try this instead: “I’d love for you to consider visiting my church with me this Sunday for our Fall Kickoff!”

2. When you don’t extend invitations, you’re missing out on one of life’s most incredible opportunities – being able to play a role in someone’s life transformation. The first invitation may be to the Fall Kickoff but there is no telling what God is going to do in their lives through your invitation. Being used by God to introduce someone to forgiveness, peace, and ultimate purpose?! There’s nothing more rewarding or energizing!

1. It will give the people you invite the opportunity to make a more informed decision about church and Jesus. Prior to your invitation, they may have negative feelings about church and religion. Give them an opportunity to see church in a positive light from their own, personal experience! You have the opportunity to extend the invitation, and then trust God with the process.

We are so excited for Fall Kickoff, and we can't wait to see you and your neighbors there!