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2022 ECC Bylaws Revision - Revisited

2022-10-25 | Ron Smith

At our congregation meeting on Sunday October 30, we will be voting a several key revisions in our ECC Bylaws. These revisions were proposed by a committee at our last congregational meeting in May. Since the vote on these items is coming up soon, we thought it would be a good idea to re-run Ron Smith's article on the proposals in advance.

Periodically, the constitution and bylaws for the church need to be updated. The most recent revision was seven years ago in 2015. The Council decided in mid 2021 to initiate the next revision of the constitution and bylaws. A team was formed consisting of Paul Ziemer, Sally Louk, Karina McGee, Linda Wells, Todd Cogswell, Stacey Littlefield, Kurt Kincanon, and Ron Smith - leader. The team met three times and reviewed the revisions with the Council in two meetings. I want to thank the team for their outstanding input and participation. It was a joy to serve with them.

The following sections were added, revised, or updated. “Article III – The Pastors” was updated to add a section on Dismissal of Pastor for reasons other than cause. All references to the Diaconate were eliminated and replaced with dispersed congregational care. A section on virtual meeting recommendations was added. The Preamble was updated. Other minor formatting adjustments were made. Here is a link to the proposed revised document.

The process outlined in the constitution for revisions requires that the changes are presented at a congregational meeting. This occurred on Sunday, May 15. A motion was made and seconded, but not voted on. In the next congregational meeting in October, the revision will be brought up for a vote. Additional changes or corrections can be brought up for consideration at the October meeting. For the complete revised document to be accepted, a 2/3 majority of the members attending the meeting will be required to vote for the changes.

Please take some time to read through the proposed revision and reach out to any of the members of the team with questions or suggestions.


Ron Smith