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Adopt-a-Senior/Young Adult Ministry 2019

2019-3-20 | ECC

Research shows that roughly six out of every ten 18-22-year-olds will leave the church. This is a staggering statistic, but it is one that we can work to change here at ECC. How can we disrupt this statistic? Relationships. 


One of the key factors that we have found through our own research and conversations is that relationships are key to twenty-somethings staying engaged in the church.  Barna Research suggests that those who have stayed in the church were twice as likely to have had a close personal friendship with an adult inside the church other than the ministry staff.


We have two opportunities for you to get involved in the young adult ministry here at ECC. You can Adopt-a-Senior and/or you can join our Young Adult Ministry Team.


What does it look like to Adopt-a-Senior? Graduating seniors are entering into a lonely world and it can be a confusing time. Through the Adopt-a-Senior program you will have the opportunity to encourage one of our recent high school graduates. This encouragement comes in the form of notes and letters in the mail, care packages, regularly praying for them, and showing them that there are people here at ECC who care about them. Everyone enjoys getting something in the mail! Your love and support for a recent ECC high school graduate not only benefits that graduate their family will also be blessed that someone else is caring for their child too. If you would like to participate by adopting a senior, click here to sign up or email Carol Smith, youth@ecclife.net, to find out more about this ministry.

What does it look like to join the Young Adult Ministry Team? The Young Adult Ministry Team will be planning and dreaming about young adult ministries here at ECC. We are looking for people who want to be part of this ministry team in a variety of ways from cooking to teaching. The prerequisite is that you care about young people. Click here to sign up or email Meghan Gobrogge, mgobrogge@ecclife.net, to find out more about this impactful ministry.


If we are going to disrupt this statistic about young adults leaving the church, we need to be in this together. Please consider joining us as we seek to strengthen our relationships and ministry to the young adults in our community.


P.S. If you have a senior graduating from high school this year, please click here and make sure they are on this list. If you don’t see them on the list you can add them or email Carol Smith, youth@ecclife.net to make sure they are included.