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Covenant Living Communities and Services – Diversity Awareness Partners

2020-3-16 | Pastor Kurt Kincanon

One of the ways that I am blessed and honored to serve our Covenant Denomination and our greater Covenant Family is as a board member for Covenant Living and Services. You may not be aware that the Covenant Denomination has a large health system that serves older adults across the country at 17 unique locations.  Covenant living serves over 5,000 residents at these locations. Many of these residents have been lifelong members of Covenant churches and all Covenant Living communities have a faith culture and a culture of serving and mission. Residents of Covenant Living communities are encouraged to “Live with Purpose.”

Attached is a recent Covenant Newswire article highlighting a recent award-winning video called “Diversity Awareness Partners.” The article contains a link to the video highlighting how a group of residents from Covenant Shores engaged in diversity awareness and reached out to newly arriving refugees to help them acclimate to American culture.  You may also watch the video here.


If you would like to know more about Covenant Living or my role on the board, please reach out to me. I would love to tell you more.


Pastor Kurt