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Presence: Covenant Community Development Corporation

2022-10-11 | Ronda Ooms

In order to more intentionally practice the ECC Touchstone of PRESENCE, in May of 2021, the congregation of ECC voted to approve the formation of a Community Development Corporation (CDC). Immediately after that vote, we began working on all the paperwork to officially become a CDC. In October of 2021 we were recognized by the state of Indiana as a nonprofit and in late January of 2022 we were recognized by the federal government as a nonprofit. Having our 501c3 designation allows us to receive tax deductible donations and to do “business” as a nonprofit.

Our official name is Covenant Community Development Corporation (CCDC). We have established a board and have been meeting for the past year. Members of the board are Dave Clark, Alicia Duncan, Scott Fultz, Kim Han, Stacey Littlefield, Ronda Ooms, Lisa Park, Jill Smith, Jason Stanfield, and Scott Warner. We are gelling as a team and I’m excited to see what God does as we seek His wisdom.

Our mission as stated in our Articles of Incorporation is:

Covenant Community Development Corporation is dedicated to help break the cycle of generational poverty of the poor and distressed by providing quality, affordable rentals and home ownership opportunities, creating empowering environments that provide low-income individuals and families opportunities to become stable and live independently by walking with them in relationship and helping them learn financial and familial responsibility through education and mentoring.


As a board we are praying for wisdom as to how to continue as landlords of the two houses we have purchased on Washington Street. How do we love and care for the families in the homes and help them move forward? We are also looking into the best way to build a home on our empty lot on 3rd Street.

On November 19, the board will be participating in an all-day training through Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). We are excited to spend more time together as a team and to have everyone trained in Christian Community Development. We are blessed to have Jonathan Brooks, co-lead pastor of Lawndale Christian Community Church (Chicago area) and Bethany Dudley Harris as our presenters that day. Both are well versed in the CCDA philosophy. We believe that this is an important training for us as we seek to show God’s love to our community.

Please pray with us that God will:

  • continue to bind us together as a team and that He will show us exactly what He would have us do next as we minister to families.
  • use our November 19 workshop to help the board come to know and understand the vision behind our CDC
  • give us wisdom in moving forward with building on our 3rd Street lot and that we would receive the financial support that is needed in order to do so

Thank you for your continued support of this ministry. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the board. We are happy to speak with you.