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Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters is about encouraging, supporting, and edifying one another.

Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters is a ministry between you and another "sister" in our church family. You become her secret encourager and silent prayer partner for a set period of time. (This pairing will be March-May, 2021.) She doesn't know who you are, but she will know you are there, encouraging and praying for her. Secret Sisters is about encouraging, supporting, and edifying one another in prayer as well as with personal notes, cards, and small gifts. 


Understand that this is a commitment for March – May, 2021. PLEASE do not sign up to participate if you are unable to fulfill this commitment.

Pray daily for your Sister.

Praying regularly for her will strengthen you just as much as it will benefit her.

Encourage her.

Send cards, notes, small gifts, etc. at least twice per month. (See ideas below.)

Keep her a secret! Don't let her know who you are, and don't tell anyone else who she is!

We will be having a fun Secret Sister Reveal at the WM Picnic at Columbian Park on May 22. You will get to meet your Sister and find out who has been your Secret Sister! 

(If you are unable to attend the event, we will make sure this "meet" will happen some other way.)

Thank you for choosing to participate in this important, uplifting, and fun ministry! We may send an occasional email for group reminders and encouragement.


Ideas for encouragement: anything from the heart!

Cards, thoughtful notes, poems, scripture verses, bookmarks, a journal, a snack or candy, flowers from your garden.

Review her shared information to get an idea – and remember to keep gifts small.



You can send cards and small gifts directly to her through the mail. To insure anonymity, use the church’s address for a return address. ECC, Secret Sister, 3600 S 9th Street, Lafayette, IN 47909

You can also bring cards or gifts to the church and leave them on the East Counter. Someone from the ministry team will check the counter twice per week and notify the recipient by email of items ready for pick up.