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Standing in Awe of the Resurrection

2023-3-28 | Meghan McClellan

“And the morning that you rose, all of heaven held its breath.

For the stone was moved for good for the Lamb had conquered death.

And the dead rose from their tombs and the angels stood in awe,

For the souls of all who’d come to the Father are restored.”

What must it had been like to witness Jesus’ resurrection? To be in the place where the stone was rolled away? To see where his body was laid? To hear Jesus call your name, just as he called Mary Magdalene’s?

I believe my breath would be caught- almost held tight, as I watched in awe. Jesus wasn’t secretive with those who followed him about the crucifixion and his resurrection, but living it through was almost unbelievable, and they were unable to fully comprehend the events that took place. The disciples saw Jesus after he rose. They saw his hands and his feet. Women heard from angels that Jesus had risen. Mary had a personal encounter with Jesus, and recognized his voice. All who witnessed Jesus coming back to life had the same response: they were in awe.

In the song “What a Beautiful Name,” the lyrics above are sung. My favorite line is “The morning that you rose, all of heaven held its breath.”

If all of heaven was holding its breath, in awe, and unable to speak, how much more would we be in awe of the resurrection? What would it be like to fully dwell on the events that took place? To spend time reading through the crucifixion and resurrection stories in the gospels? To spend time in silence and prayer contemplating what the resurrection story means in our own lives and in the life of ECC?

This Easter season, we invite you into the resurrection story. There will be many opportunities for you and your family of all ages to hear the stories, dwell in the gravity of the crucifixion, and worship in celebration of the resurrection during Holy Week. Let’s stand, as a community, in awe of what Jesus has done.

Maybe, just maybe….it will catch our breath.  

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