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Summer XP Recap 2019

2019-6-12 | Ronda Ooms

Miller Elementary School was buzzing with excitement the week of June 3-7. Summer XP, our Vacation Bible School, was held from 6:00-8:00pm each evening. Our theme, Power Up - Raise Your Game, was a retro video game theme and the kids loved it! Mario greeted them each evening when they entered Miller, and space invaders hovered in front of them during large group time! Each classroom leader decorated their room to match the theme.

We served over 1,000 meals and had just over 100 different ECC people volunteer throughout the week! It was such a blessing to have so many people involved. Some of our friends from our Thursday night meal at Bauer came up each evening to enjoy a home cooked meal along with us.

We had 136 different children that attended throughout the week! Of those 136 children we (ECC congregants) will have contact with 75% of them throughout the next year though our ECC Children’s Ministries and through our outreach ministry in the Miller/Bauer neighborhood! How exciting is that?

One of things that’s the most enjoyable is seeing the children smiling and having fun. You’ll want to watch this video to see a peek into the excitement!

Of course more than anything else we want the children to know how much God loves them and that He is with them always. Each night the children sang songs, heard stories from the Bible, did activities to help enhance the bottom line of that story, and played games. We gave a way countless Bibles, we presented children with the opportunity to make a commitment to Christ, and we sent home tools to help parents engage with their kids around their faith commitment. We’re still collecting stories of those who made a commitment to Christ, and we know that God was at work!

Our prayer is that God will take what the children learned and help it to grow as they continue through their summer. Please pray with us that the seeds that were sown will grow and blossom. Pray that each person that was a part of last week, young or old, will feel God’s love and will desire to get to know Him better.

We are so appreciative of being able to hold Summer XP at Miller because of all the space that we have available to us to spread out, including use of the playground. We were able to be outside every day, thanks to the great weather we had. What a blessing to be able to teach about God in a public school setting!

To those of you that helped, thank you SO MUCH! We so appreciate your willingness to give of your time and talents to this fun week. Stay tuned to find out which week we will hold Summer XP 2020 (the theme is Focus: See What Matters Most). You’ll want to make a point of being a part of this fun and life changing week.