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Trunk or Treat 2019

2019-10-10 | Ronda Ooms

​It’s October! Can you believe it? The leaves are beginning to change colors, and the weather is turning a bit cooler! I love this time of year and the changes that it brings - God’s handiwork at its best!

Fall has many fun traditions, and one of them here at ECC is Trunk or Treat. This year on Wednesday, October 30, our campus will be filled with the sound of laughter, children dressed up in awesome costumes and lots of activity! Families from ECC and around the community will come to enjoy some great food and fellowship and a time for their children to trick or treat.

This event is a great way for you to invite family and friends that may not feel comfortable in the church environment on a Sunday morning. What a fun, nonthreatening way to introduce someone to ECC! Meet them here and help them feel welcome. Knowing that there’s a least one friendly face that they will recognize will be comforting to your guest.

Each year, we invite our Afterschool JAM families to this event, and they have such a fun time! They have already been asking about it, because this event is one of the highlights of the year for them! Over the past couple of years, when we have invited our Afterschool JAM children there have been multiple children that have not had costumes. I have felt so bad when a parent has said to me, “I don’t get paid until after Trunk or Treat, and my child doesn’t have a costume. Are they still able to come?” We want every child to have the opportunity to be a part of Trunk or Treat and to feel comfortable. Most children want to be able to dress up and have fun! Do you have costumes your child has outgrown? Maybe you’d even pray about going to Walmart and purchasing one to donate. Either way, I know that the parents would be SO grateful for the help. Simply bring the costume(s) to the church office and we’ll be sure they are made available to children who may need them.

This event has brought over 800 people to our campus over the past few years. We could use your help in a couple of additional ways to help this year’s Trunk or Treat be even better than years past. Please consider decorating a car. It doesn't matter if it is elaborate or simple. Or simply commit to have your car in our parking lot and hand out candy if you aren’t up to decorating it. Our goal is to have between 25 and 40 cars. We can also use donations of candy for the people to pass out. The last couple of years we have run out of candy so we need LOTS of donations! If you are unable to purchase candy yourself, we welcome financial donations and someone else will be happy to buy it for you.

Whether you can attend the night of Trunk or Treat or not, you can be a part of this outreach event. Costumes, trunks or candy - which area(s) can you help us with? Be a part of the fun! You will be blessed as you are a blessing! Please call the church office at 765-474-4842 with any questions.