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Virtual Ash Wednesday 2021

2021-2-9 | Meghan Gobrogge

For many years, Ash Wednesday has been a liturgical tradition here at ECC. Each year we do it a little differently, and for the past two years we’ve made it an interactive experience for those who’ve walked into our building.

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. It’s meant to be reflective and to prepare us for the celebration that Easter brings. Ash Wednesday is the day that we set aside to remember that “all come from dust and to dust all return.” (Ecclesiastes 3:20) We set aside time for repentance of our own sin, mourning for the sins and sufferings of the world, and reflection of our own mortality.

Ash Wednesday, for me, has always been a reflective one. It allows the space to really grieve the sin in my own life and in the world we find ourselves living in today. My eyes are opened once again to the story of the fall of mankind found in Genesis 3, and I am even more grateful and hopeful for the celebration of Easter morning. It begins the season of Lent, and of sacrifice; mimicking in our own small way the biggest sacrifice that Christ gave us by dying on the cross.

I hope you will join us for our virtual Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, February 17th at 6pm on FB and Youtube. We will be meditating on these three points:

1.     We Are Broken.

2.     We Suffer.

3.     We Are Mortal.

All the way through this service, we will provide you with scripture, prayer, worship through song, and meaningful activities to assist you in your worship. We are creating Ash Wednesday “kits” to help you as you worship along with us from home. Please feel free to stop by at the church any day between February 14-17 to pick up your kit to worship along with us during the activity portions. If you’d like your kit delivered to you, contact the church office and we will bring them to you!  

Head on over to ecclife.net/connect and click on the button “Ash Wednesday Service” to worship with us. See you then!