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Young Adult Ministry - 1935

An authentic, compassionate community for young adults.

Young Adult Ministry

We aim to be an authentic, compassionate community where young adults can find straightforward and practical teaching, opportunities to participate in the mission, and room for doubt and conversation.

For young adults in our church, we named this ministry initiative 1935 (for those that are between the ages of 19 and 35). We had a good turnout and great conversation around who we are, what are hope is for God’s Church and ECC, and what we would like to be doing as a community within this church moving forward. We agreed that we would like to be intentional about having regular times to gather together, as often as once a month. But we also like variety and options, so each month may look a little different. 

All young adults, roughly ages 19 to 35, are invited to the 1935 Young Adult Christmas Dinner Party on Sunday, December 10th at 5:30pm in the Great Room. If you’d like to attend, we highly encourage you to sign-up online, as each person will be asked to bring some things. A Christmas ham will be provided for dinner, as well as, pizza for the kids in childcare… but the rest of the sides will be signed up for in advance. Additionally, there is a fun gift exchange game that Pastor Chuck is planning, and he’ll be e-mailing instructions for it to everyone who signs ups. So, we invite all young adults to sign-up right away and enjoy this time of community and fun celebrating Christmas together!

Got Questions?

Interested in connecting with young adults in our congregation? Contact Chuck Potts if you're interested in joining!