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Who We Are

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed

We who call ECC home are on a journey. As a community of people who have come to know Jesus and desire to follow him, we are a people on the Way. Our prayer is that we are becoming more and more like Jesus—formed and shaped by his life, teaching, death, and resurrection—and that Jesus in and through us will speak to and transform our community and our world.

ECC is a part of a larger family of churches, a denomination called The Evangelical Covenant Church, often referred to as "the Covenant." For more information on who we are and what we're about, please visit our denominational home page, covchurch.org. For Covenant people, our essential beliefs are summed up in what we call Covenant Affirmations.


To become a community of people who know God, follow Jesus and pursue God's purposes in the World.

We seek to accomplish this mission by living into our ECC Touchstones of WELCOME, TRANSFORMATION, and PRESENCE.


WELCOME: We seek to be hospitable and gracious to all people.

TRANSFORMATION: We aspire to be transformed and ever-transforming.

PRESCENCE: We strive to love our neighbors in word and deed.


Together, we pursue our mission and vision by engaging in the Five Distinctives of our ECC Rule of Life. We believe that we are all being shaped and formed by something, but we intentionally seek to be shaped by the life, example, and teaching of Jesus, the Christ, and those who wrote about him in the New Testament. The Five Distinctives of our ECC Rule of Life are:

APPRENTICESHIP || We intentionally make room in our lives to learn, grow, and spend time with Jesus as a community and in our personal soul-training practices. 

COMMUNITY || We share life with one another in practical ways, and we pray and care for one another with intentionality and grace.

WORSHIP || We make gathering and participation in worship with our sisters and brothers at ECC a priority in our lives.

SERVICE || We discover our passions and gifts, and commit to serving God and others through the ministries of ECC and areas of service beyond our walls.

GENEROSITY || We steward faithfully over our financial resources and commit to the discipline of intentional, thoughtful giving to ECC and to generosity in all our relationships.