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Ministry in a New Year

2021-1-19 | Pastor Jorden Meyers

Generally, at the beginning of a new year we would be inviting our congregation and community to join us multiple nights a week at church for meals and studies. This year with social distancing and the rapid spread of COVID-19 in our country, we have pivoted toward a hybrid model of ministry with some things happening in-person and many things happening online. A couple of weeks ago you read about our ministry plan for our youth ministry here at ECC, and today we are sharing about some of our other 2021 ministry plans.

We are excited about the many things that God is doing in and through ECC of Lafayette, and we would love to have your involvement and your prayers. On January 10, 2021 we launched into a new sermon series, Theirs is the Kingdom, and with the series we also launched a virtual book discussion. We have dozens of people at ECC, in groups and individually, diving into James Bryan Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Life. The Sunday morning Christian Formation class is also going to study this resource, every Sunday morning, at 9:00 am, on Zoom. Additionally, we have launched a new series of Kingdom Conversations every Sunday at noon on Zoom. These are all-church opportunities for you to join the conversation, and we would love to see you there.

Our outreach ministry is still very active during this season as well. We continue to serve our weekly Thursday night meals at Bauer (drive through/take out). We have a group of 13 households that bake homemade cookies once a month to hand out with the Bauer meals. In addition to the weekly meal, we also hand out household cleaning supplies and bags of groceries at least once a month. We pack bags of food for more than 80 Miller families each week as well. During this COVID-19 season, the families in the Miller and Bauer Neighborhood continue to experience great needs. Please continue praying that God would illuminate ways to encourage Miller staff as the pandemic continues on. We have hope that we might be able to start working with our older Afterschool JAM kids on leadership skills in this new year, and we are praying about starting to gather our younger Afterschool JAM children periodically over the next few months. In addition to all of our weekly and monthly involvement at Miller and Bauer, we are still working with two families in a housing ministry in our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. We appreciate your prayers for these ministries and we would love to explore ways for you to get involved in these ministries. If you are interested in getting more involved in ECC’s Outreach Ministry, please email Ronda Ooms and let her know!

We are working on continually innovating what we do in ministry here at ECC to meet the needs of our congregation and grow in our faith together. If you are interested in joining a women’s or men’s bible study, please visit ecclife.net/connect. The Connect page on our website is the central hub for connectional opportunities. We will continue to update all of the current connectional opportunities there. If you have other ideas or dreams of what ministry could look like in this COVID season, please let me know. You can call me in the office, email me, or even send me a text message. Let us continue to pray for God’s guidance as we embark on this new year! I know that God is at work in and through our ministries, and I am excited to see what He has for ECC of Lafayette in 2021.