Serve Globally - Covenant Missionary Calendar Available Now

2020-09-22 | Pastor Kurt Kincanon

I want to thank the congregation for your participation in the Congregational Meeting last Sunday and your interest in our church’s stewardship of the resources God has given us. I can’t recall exactly when or where, but somewhere in either the live or online conversation Sunday, someone asked the question: “What are all these names of people in the financial statement?” To which someone replied, “Those are the missionaries.” I was delighted that the question was answered by another congregant!

Just like you and your household hopefully participate in God’s mission by giving a portion of your income for the mission of ECC, ECC gives a portion of all we receive to both the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Central Conference. A large part of what ECC and other churches give to the greater Covenant Denomination is for world mission, the “Serve Globally” mission priority. ECC of Lafayette, designates a portion of that gift to currently support 9 missionary families. These are some of the missionaries that we pray for every Sunday.

If you would like to be more informed on how to pray for our 9 Covenant Missionaries, as well as all of the Covenant Missionaries serving globally, I invite you to get a copy of the Serve Globally Prayer Calendar. If you would like a copy of the prayer calendar, please let the church office know at or (765) 474 4842. Additionally, you can learn more about Missions and ECC’s Mission Commission at here to learn more about the Serve Globally Prayer Calendar.