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Small Groups

Find your people at ECC.

Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of 6 to 14 adults (with some family groups) who commit to meeting together, either weekly or bi-weekly for about 8 months. These groups foster transformative, Christ-centered friendships, in which people meet, study the Bible, pray, and put truth into practice together. Small groups are formed in September and January, each year. Distinctive features of ECC's small group ministry:

  • Practicing the same spiritual exercise together throughout the week.
  • Shared responsibility (everyone has a role in making the group flourish)
  • External engagement with the community in service-witness.

Small groups seek to make a difference in each person’s life, through mutual encouragement and a challenge to make a difference in the world by reaching out together in service somewhere in the church or community. Our goal is to see everyone who calls ECC their home to be connected in life changing spiritual growth friendships.

If you would like to be a part of a small group or would like more information, please email the office.