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Connect with God.

During our journey through the Vitality Pathway, we pledged ourselves (individually and as a church family) to listen to and depend upon the Holy Spirit. In doing so, it is our prayer that we will all know God, follow Jesus, and pursue God's purpose in the world in ever-deepening ways. 

We created a series of practices to help us YIELD to the Holy Spirit. The following practices can be done in one sitting, giving time to each of the letters, or they can be divided and practiced throughout the week.  

To be intentional about accepting the invitation to YIELD to the Holy Spirit, you are invited to practice these movements: 


Say "YES" to God. I will begin with the intent to be present to God and open to the leading of his Holy Spirit. (Heb. 11.6; Isa. 64.4)


INVITE the Holy Spirit to speak. I will invite the Holy Spirit to lead, teach, and guide me. (Jn. 14:16-17 ; Rev. 3.20-22)


ENGAGE with the word of God. I will open myself to the riches and wisdom of God's word as I read and reflect on it. (2 Tim. 3.16; Ps. 119.105)


LISTEN to the Spirit. I will sit in silence and learn to listen for God's voice, and I will be obedient to what I hear from God. (Jn. 14.26; Rev. 3.22)


DEPEND on God's Spirit rather than my own strength. As I begin each day, I will entrust myself to the Spirit's presence and work in my life. (Rev. 3.17-18; Ps. 32.8-9)